GOLIATH (60 in. x 129 in.) Life-Size

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Calvary Curriculum presents GOLIATH, as you have never seen him before. Featuring the amazing art of Sergio Cariello (Marvel, DC, Disney), hand-drawn full-size with digital enhancements.

This poster is perfect for your school, church, or event. Kids and adults will be in awe of this giant of a poster. A perfect picture backdrop for your event.

See how this was created: www.calvarycurriculum.com/goliath-poster-creation

Ministry website: www.calvarycurriculum.com

Poster Features:

  • 1 Sided (Full-Color) in English
  • Size: 5 feet wide x 10.75 feet tall (60 in. x 129 in.)
  • 18 oz. Smooth Vinyl - Opaque Matte
    • Heavy duty for indoor or outdoor applications and highly tear-resistant. The poster will be ok in the rain. Direct sunlight can fade the colors over the course of time.
    • Stand not included
  • Grommets (Brass) evenly placed every approx. 24"
  • 1" Stitched Hems (Clear Thread)

How long before I receive my poster?

The banner production time, printing, and shipping is 11-15 business days. Barring any issues with the printer and shipping, you should receive your poster within 3 weeks with normal "FedEx Ground" shipping.